Anne Boleyn

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By Howard Brenton

Directed by Jasson Minadakis

Marin Theatre Company, West Coast Premiere, April 14-May 15, 2016

  • Served as a dramaturg for this production alongside Lydia Garcia. I attended rehearsals and made myself available as a resource for the actors and director.
  • Anne Boleyn Playbill, which features my articles “Historical (In)Accuracy”, “The Divine King and the Common Man”, and “The Major Players”
  • The Anne Boleyn Resource Page I curated at It features a glossary and timeline, recommended reading from the rehearsal room, primary sources from playwright Howard Brenton, a transcript of the first rehearsal design presentation, and more.
  • Resource packet I created for the director and actors in rehearsal.
  • House of Tudor and House of Stuart Family Tree, designed by me
  • I lead numerous talkbacks for the production, and co-lead the pre-show Perspectives Matinee lecture with Marin Theatre Company Literary Manager and Resident Dramaturg, Lydia Garcia.
  • I created a lobby display, as seen below: