Marin Theatre Company

While at Marin Theatre Company, I collaborated with many artists on each mainstage production’s lobby display. To see my lobby displays for productions I dramaturged, please visit their individual pages on my ‘Production Dramaturgy’ page.

For Marin Theatre Company’s production of August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean, I have the privilege and honor to work with production dramaturg Omi Osun Joni L. Jones on creating a fully immersive lobby experience, designed to complement director Daniel Alexander Jones’ theatrical jazz aesthetic. This meant honoring the element of collage, which was artist Romare Bearden’s primary medium, and a tremendous influence on Wilson’s writing and Jones’ production design.

Highlights of this display include:

  • The altar to Yemaya, the mother spirit in the Yoruba religion that was so crucial to the production’s spiritual heritage
  • The video sculpture Sandy Speaks: An Ode to Sandra Bland, created by Gem of the Ocean‘s scenic designer Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
  • The collage wall, where audience members could respond to the prompt “What does freedom mean to you?”