2016 FURY Factory

The 2016 FURY Factory Festival of Ensemble and Devised Theater marked the third time foolsFURY Theatre Company partnered with LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas) to provide festival dramaturgs for the several works-in-process that would be presented during the Raw Materials Series.

I was the festival dramaturg for Raw Materials Program A. I attended rehearsals and lead talkback sessions for the following three pieces:

  1. Fragments from Artaud’s Desk (foolsFURY)
  2. Listen to the Gun: an excerpt from Race (NAKA Dance Theater)
  3. All That Remains (The Wayfinding Performance Group)

After the festival, full-length productions of Race: Stories from the Tenderloin and All That Remains were produced in San Francisco. Race was presented at several site-specific locations for free as part of Dancers’ Group’s ONSITE program throughout August and September 2016, and All That Remains was presented at SAFEhouse Arts as part of their RAW (resident artist workshop) program in late August 2016.

Maddie Gaw leading the talkback for NAKA Dance Theater's performance at the festival.

Maddie Gaw leading the talkback for NAKA Dance Theater’s performance at the festival.