Episode 5: The Predator

Holy cinnamon-buzah, the gang’s all here! With Ax now officially on the team, it’s only natural that Maddie and Lydia spend most of their time this episode talking about everything but the Animorphs. That’s not entirely true – did you hear there is going to be an Animorphs movie? Will Centipedes and Slugs be invited to the premiere? And will this movie cover any part of The Predator? Speaking of The Predator, come for the Yeerk politics talk, stay for the ant rehabilitation campaign that Maddie and Lydia are waging. The listeners can have a thoughtful discussion of bias in scientific research, as a treat. Spoilers for the entire Animorphs series.

Sources specific to this episode:

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Bonus post-episode sources:

A note from Lydia: I didn’t mention this in the podcast but a friend reminded me that the ants in California would have all most likely come from the same colony since California had basically been taken over by a giant, global megacolony of Argentine ants circa Animorphs time.

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